Audrey L. 11/9 - 11/13


Three years is upon me in a blink of an eye

Three years where life as I knew it ceases to exist
Three years of not remembering what “normal” is
My daughter, Audrey, lived for barely three days let alone three years
My daughter, Gracie, lived for fifty two days let alone three months.

But somehow I can write that I am thankful
Three years has filled me with unending compassion
Three years has not diminished memories of my precious daughters
Three years later I am still standing
My heart is forever broken and tears still stream down my face
but I am still standing

New friends and family have taken the place of those
that were unable to cope with our loss

Three years later I am able to forgive
Three years later I am finally allowing myself to let go
Let go of anger and bitterness

Three years later I can once again sing in church

I now sing so that my voice can reach my daughters in the heavens

Three years later I look for birds, butterflies
and any other signs
that my daughters are the reason that I continue to stand…

~Lisa Linkowsky – TCF Mercer

In loving memory of her
identical twin daughters Audrey and Gracie